Associate partners

One of the goals of PROTHEGO's Project Partners is to capture the needs and requirements of 15 key stakeholders (namely 'Associate Partners') from both academia and private and public heritage conservation and preservation sectors, and to inform them about the project activities and methodologies. This ensures that PROTHEGO's approach and outputs are applicable and appropriate to end-users and heritage practitioners.

PROTHEGO engages the Associate Partners via three different types of involvement:

Steering Committee

Members of this group are PROTHEGO's Associate Partners directly involved in the implementation of the project research activities:


They include public and private sector actors and are PROTHEGO's Associate Partners primarily interested in the final exploitation of the project methodology and outputs:

Demonstration Site Stakeholders

Part of the Stakeholders' group, they play a crucial role for the calibration of the project methodology at the site scale for the demonstration sites in Spain, Italy and the UK: